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Thursday: 16:00h

A fun and great way to meet fellow craft distillers. It's like speed dating, but now with a bottle at hand. Meet a peer, pour them a tasting sample from your own product as they do the same. Discuss the contents of your glass, your processes, your business, your background, etc. We'll ring the bell after ten minutes and you move to the next table to meet another peer.


10:00h: Peter Garraway
13:00h: Edwin "Odin" van Eijk
14:30H: Mayukh Hazari

10:00h: Myriam Hendrickx
13:00h: Ian Mansell
14:30h: Glenn Bryant

16:00h: Morten Stengaard

Our keynote speakers are all professionals, who work with or in the craft distilling industry and who love sharing their vision and passion with you.

Peter Garraway will talk about the work of the WHC Lab on different yeast strains. We will also present the iStill Lab results on different yeasts.


Edwin "Odin" van Eijk will present the latest results from the iStill Lab on heads, hearts and tales in commercial spirits and how his Holy Trinity of distillation is rapidly becoming scientifically proven.

Mayukh Hazarika will present a completely new initiative for a global distribution network for craft distillers.

Myriam Hendrickx will present the journey she made with the Rutte Distillery in The Netherlands, taking it from a local brand to a worldwide success by working together with "big alcohol" producer De Kuyper.


Ian Mansell will give a keynote on sustainability in the craft distilling industry.


Glenn Bryant of Six Dogs Distillery will talk about taking their brand from a local success to an international company, available in 28 countries.

Morten Stengaard of BeMakers will talk about their distribution platform, making it easy for craft distillers to sell through the whole of Europe.


Friday: 09:00h

On the second day of the CDS we will have a light breakfast and a peer-to-peer Q&A. This moderated morning session will give you the chance to ask and answer questions about all aspect of craft distilling. Let's hear and learn from each other!

SPIRITS EVALUATION (Let's have a drink)
Thursday: 17:00h
Friday: 17:00h

Bring your spirits to the CDS for your fellow distillers to taste. We will gather tasting notes and tips from everyone who tastes your drink, so you will go home with the unbiased opinions of your peers.

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